your source for all things 90s and the millennium

welcome to pop2k

Welcome to pop2k. The web’s leading site on all things 90’s and Millennium.

Remember bands like BranVan 3000? How about Velvet Empire and Eden’s Crush? Did you jam out to O-Town or Hanson’s MMMBop? Does Spice Up Your Life still make you hit the dance floor? Then this site is for you.

Was your favorite movie in the 90’s Cruel Intentions or Clueless? Have you seen all of the “I Know What You Did Last Summer’s” or the “Scream’s”? Did you see American Pie in theatres? Then this site if for you.

Did you own a Tamagotchi? How about a Furby? Did you ask for Moon Shoes for Christmas or fall into the WWJD? bracelet fad? Then this site is for you.

Don’t be embarrassed if you answered yes to any of these questions. We’ve all been there and we are going to celebrate it! Got a fad, movie or music group from the 90’s or early Millennium you want me to feature? Send me an email at pop.2k@live.com.


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