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Tamagotchi: Feed Me!

The Tamagotchi. Don’t lie. You had one. I know I did. And before my BlackBerry was my handheld device of choice, this little guy went with me everywhere. My friends all had one before I did and so for Christmas, I was so excited when I found one in my stocking. Don’t remember this? Let me give you a little refresher.

Tamagotchi was a Japanese toy that fit in the palm of your hand. A little creature in an egg was hatched on your screen and your job was to take care of it. Feed it (but not too much), clean up after it, play with it and the like. Slack on your duties and your little guy could die within the hour. Sounds like a great lesson in care and responsibility right? Too bad Tamagotchi was banned in many schools across North America.

Its constant beeps and sounds warned users of the “pets” constant need for attention. Students were constantly checking them during class and causing disruptions during lessons.

According to a Wikipedia source, over 70,000,000 Tamagotchi devices have been sold since its debut in 1996. But are they still around? Yes! In fact, the newest models allow the devices to connect through WiFi signal so that you can connect with other Tamagotchi creatures. You can make friends, play games and even exchange gifts!

Check out the official Tamagotchi site here!


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