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POGS – Trade You My Slammer?

Its Toy Story Thursday and I can’t wait to bring you this fad that came as quickly as it left. POGS! Can’t quite remember this game? Crash course. Here we go.

POGS is a game that originated in Hawaii probably in the late 20’s or early 30’s and was played using juice bottle caps. A guidance counselor brought the game back in the 90’s when he taught it to a few elementary school classes in ’91.  The popularity of the game quickly grew on the islands and soon there after, a Canadian gaming company started mass producing printed pogs for sale. In 1993, the game exploded with special edition pogs becoming released from cartoons, video games, movies and the like. The fad quickly died out the following year.

Game play was simple. Stack your pogs upside down. Then, hurl your slammer towards the stack. All the pogs that turned over were yours to keep. The player with the most pogs at the end is the winner.

Pogs began to fizzle once schools started banning the game as some found it to be a form of gambling.

How many Pogs did you own? I remember having a tube of slammers and then 3 or 4 tubes of pogs alone. Where are they now I wonder?


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