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Quit Playing Games With My Heart

Seeing how the Backstreet Boys were just recently in Vancouver, I thought it would be fitting for them to be my first Music Monday submission.

Music Monday’s are all about bands or artists how got their start in the 90’s but groomed their way to major success and create careers beyond their first singles.

I first remember hearing the Backstreet Boys on MuchMusic watching The Top of the Pops concert. They performed their first single “We’ve Got It Going On” to an arena of screaming teen brits. Not too soon after that appearance, the BSB became a force in the Canadian music scene, breaking into the charts here way before surfacing on Billboard in the US. Their second single, “Get Down” was filmed in Europe where their stardom was rising. The album was released internationally first and then hit Canadian shelves in the fall of 1996. It hit US shelves later on. Once the boy band wave hit, there was no stopping Kevin, Brian, Howie, Nick and AJ. The Backstreet Boys had become a household name.

After releasing 5 albums and Greatest Hits record, the boys took a bit of a hiatus and Kevin Richardson called it quits. AJ was having a tough time going in and out of rehab while Brian was dealing with personal health issues. Howie was busy in Canada signing music artist George Nozuka and Nick Carter was dealing with his own drug and family problems. The boys came back in 2007 (minus Richardson) with their album Unbreakable and in 2009 released This Is Us, the first album since Black and Blue that really went back to their boy band, synth-pop sound.

Over the years the Backstreet Boys have grown with their fans and according to reviews of the tour, do not disappoint. Here are 5 of my favorite BSB videos for your enjoyment! What’s your favorite BSB song/video?


One Response to “Quit Playing Games With My Heart”

  1. “I want it that way” is The BEST!!!
    I love BSB ❤

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