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Pleather Pants – What Were We Thinking?

Pleather is the slang term used to describe synthetic leather made out of plastic. The term was coined by Amy Bach who was working for a fashion designer in New York at the time. She needed a way to market this new fabric and created the term from plastic and leather. The term pleather is often used as a derogatory term to refer to someone who needs to cut costs or cannot afford the real deal.

Not all pleathers are the same, so don’t get it twisted. Polyurethane pleather pants are machine washable, can be dry cleaned and are a little breathable. PVC pleather however does not breathe and can be very hard to clean. PVC cannot be dry cleaned either as the solvents in dry cleaning will make PVC stiff.

My most memorable pleather outfit is Britney’s jump suit in Oops! I Did It Again! Did you own pleather pants?


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