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Hit Me Baby One More Time…

Its official! Britney is coming to Glee in more ways than one. Her songs are being used in a tribute episode to the pop princess herself and she will also “appear” in the episode in a “Where’s Waldo” like way. In lieu of this tribute, I’ve decided to make Britney my Music Monday spotlight.

Britney Spears got her start in the music industry appearing on Star Search in 1992 and that December, was cast in The Mickey Mouse Club. (Did you know this was her second attempt after being rejected at an Atlanta audition in 1990?) After the show was cancelled she moved back to Kentwood and went back to school there where she played point guard for her basketball team. In 1998, Britney was in talks with Lou Pearlman to join a girl group but after her mother got a second opinion from an entertainment lawyer, they backed out. Britney recorded a demo of a rejected Toni Braxton song and travelled to New York to meet with record execs to find a deal. She was turned down multiple times until JIVE Records heard the demo. They assigned her a vocal coach to work on her vocals and when she was ready, she was sent to Sweden to record half of her debut album with hit master Max Martin. In January 1999, …Baby One More Time was released to the population and exploded. It debuted at Number 1 on the  Billboard 200; an extraordinary feat for a new female artist at the time. She embarked on her first national tour and before you know it, Britney Spears becomes a household name.

6 Albums and 3 Compilations later, Britney Spears is still one of the most influential artists of all time. What’s your favorite Britney track? Here is … Baby One More Time just to take a peek at what got her career started from the very beginning!


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  1. […] artists did make live appearances on the show however, like Britney Spears,  Eiffel 65, Pink, Aqua, and more. The show made its final appearance on December 12th in 2003, […]

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