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Hang On, Here We Go: Electric Circus

I made this program a part of my Friday ritual for a long time in my teens and I even had a theme birthday based on this popular dance show! You all recognize the logo. Its ELECTRIC CIRCUS!

Electric Circus started before I even started watching MuchMusic or even TV for that matter. It began airing on September 16th, 1988 and was also simulcast on CityTV and MuchUSA. The name Electric Circus was derived from a nightclub that used to operate in CityTV’s first studio in Toronto.

The show was hosted by Monika Deol until the show was revamped in 1996. The show rotated hosts with some of MuchMusic’s popular VJ’s like Juliette Powell, Rick Campanelli (known as Rick “The Temp”) and Namugenyi Kiwanuka.

The original show held high acclaim with a minimalistic set and few dancers that became fan favorites. As the years went on, the show became over produced with a more elaborate set, crazier costumes and the quality of the dancing declined.

Big artists did make live appearances on the show however, like Britney Spears,  Eiffel 65, Pink, Aqua, and more. The show made its final appearance on December 12th in 2003, but came back to life on December 26th, 2006 for an EC Christmas special.

Did you watch Electric Circus? Do you ever wear any of the outfits you saw on the show? Lets discuss.


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