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Hey Mario, Blow On My Cartridge!

In August of 1991, the video game world was changed. Nintendo released their newest game console to North America… SUPER NINTENDO. When it first was released, it retailed at $199 USD and only a few games were available. Super Mario Brothers shipped with the console but other titles included F-Zero, Sim City, Gradius III and Pilotwings (pictured below) which used SNES’ Mode 7. Mode 7 was Nintendo’s first attempt at 3D rendering.

This console was released at the height of the game console war between Nintendo and Sega. At the time, Sega advertised their Genesis as the “cool console” and bashed Nintendo in their ads offering more mature titles for older games.

However, Nintendo struck a home run when they converted Capcom’s game, Street Fighter II long before the Genesis.

To date, 49.1 million Super Nintendo Entertainment Systems were sold worldwide. Super Nintendo was also the best selling gaming console of its era. Who out there had a SuperNES? Who remembers blowing on the cartridges and pressing that RESET button? What was your favourite game?


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